Power Transformer

The power transformer is one of the important equipment for power generation, transmission, transformation, and distribution systems. Its performance and quality relate directly to the reliability and operation efficiency of the power systems. The power transformer is a kind of equipment that can change AC voltage. Except for transform voltage, the power transformer is also used to transform the AC current, impedance and change phase etc.

The power transformer mainly has a distribution transformer (oil-immersed distribution transformer and dry type transformer), box-type transformer, high voltage, and an ultra-high voltage power transformer.

The power transformer has the characteristics of low noise, low temperature rising, strong short-circuit resistance, impact resistance, no leakage, beautiful appearance, and reliable operation. The transformer in the SGB series and SCB series has the advents of large capacity, high efficiency, and no waveform distortion. The transformer can be applied to a wide range of loads and can bear instantaneous overload and longtime continuous working, widely used in transportation, quay, shopping mall, elevator, hospital, school, printer, middle & large industrial and mining enterprises where a normal voltage is needed.

SGB10 The insulation class H dry-type Transformer
SCB10 Epoxy resin casting dry-type transformer
10KV S9 series Power Transformer
35KV S9 series Power Transformer
35KV SZ9 series OLTC Power Transformer
10KV S9-M series sealed Transformer
10KV S11-M series sealed Transformer
10KV S11-M.R series wound core Transformer
10KV S13-M.R series reel iron core Transformer
SH15 Amorphous Alloy Transformer