PLC Governor

Hydro turbine governor is one of the important auxiliary equipment in a hydroelectric generating set, a general term that describes one or more devices consist of realizing adaptive water-turbine and responsive control mechanism and indicators. Cording to the detection of hydroelectric generating set speed deviation to switch control into the turbine flow, water-turbine guide institutions adjust the rotate speed and output. Hydro-turbine governing system is a close loop system that consists of the controller; hydraulic servo system and regulating object, usually controller and hydraulic servo system are collectively referred to as the turbine speed governors.

Functions of Hydro Turbine Governor:
* It can automatically adjust the rotating speed of hydroelectric generating, keeping them running within the allowable deviation rated speed, so as to meet the requirements of power grid frequency quality.
* It quickly makes hydroelectric generating set automatically or manually starting to adapt to the power grid load’s increase and decrease, and the needs of the normal downtime or emergency stop.
* When it runs in parallel with the hydroelectric generating set in the power system, the governor can be automatically scheduled for the load distribution, and make each unit achieve economic operation.
* It can meet the combination needs of both the paddle and impulse water turbine.

Working principle of Hydro Turbine Governor:
By comparing the rotational speed signal (frequency unit) to the power grid frequency (for a given frequency), based on its difference, the governor gives the electro-hydraulic converter an operating signal relay device on or off (command) to control the turbine water flow, and in this way achieves the regulation of turbine speed.

YWCT series of high hydraulic impact or microcomputer governor
YWT series high hydraulic microcomputer governor
YWT series of microcomputer governor
W(S)T type microcomputer governor
CJWT programmable impact type microcomputer governor
BWT stepping drive microcomputer governor
GYWT high-pressure microcomputer governor