Main Inlet Valve

The inlet pipe of turbines and large pumping stations etc unit equipment are generally equipped with valves. As the inlet valve for the turbine, the function of the butterfly valve is to close the valve to cut off the water flow for the intake pipe or unit maintenance; when the Unit is a prolonged outage, close the valve to reduce water loss; When mechanism fails to close and valve operating mechanism is dead electricity or oil source is suddenly disappeared caused by the Unit accident, emergency shut down the valve under the dynamic water condition to prevent accident expand. The key guarantee for safe and reliable operation of hydropower generator units or pump stations is whether the inlet valve can realize dynamic water shut down in case of emergency or not.

Valve is the control device of fluid pipe and its basic function is to connect or cut off the medium circulation inside the pipeline, change the circulation and flow direction of the medium, adjust pressure and flow of the medium, protect the normal operation of the pipeline equipment. Valve is an important control component of the pipeline. The common inlet valve for hydro turbines: gate valve, butterfly valve, and ball valve. The main valve equipment in the hydropower station has the inlet butterfly valve or inlet ball valve for the turbine and the supporting expansion joint etc; Of course, other ordinary valves (like the buttery valve, gate valve, and ball valve) are also used as a lot.

The butterfly valve is the valve that the butterfly plate rotates around the adherent bearing inside the valve body. A butterfly valve is a novel shutoff valve that can transport and control the medium. Butterfly valve consists of the valve body, butterfly plate, valve shaft, and sealing ring and transmission device.

Nominal diameter: DN100~DN3000
Nominal pressure: PN0.25~2.5MPa
Operated type: Manual, Electric, hydraulic drive

The ball valve is the valve that the sphere rotates around the centerline of the valve body to open and close. The open-close disc (sphere) of the ball valve is drive by the valve rod and rotates around the axial line of the valve rod. It’s mainly used for cutting off or connecting the medium inside the pipeline as well as adjusting and controlling the liquid. There is a very strong shear force between the V-type sphere core and metal valve sea surfaced with cemented carbide in the hard sealing V-type ball valve, which is especially applicable for the medium contained with fiber and small solid material etc. For multi-pass ball valve in the pipeline, it not only can flexibly control the switchover of the confluence, distributary, and flow direction of medium but also close any channel to connect the other two channels.

Nominal diameter: DN300~DN2600
Nominal pressure: PN0.6~16MPa
Operated type: Manual, Electric, hydraulic drive

Gate valve is the valve that the closing member (flashboard) vertically moves along with the centerline of the pathway. Gate valve plays a cut-off role in the pipeline and can’t be used for regulation and throttling. Features: reliable sealing performance, high hardness, high wear resistance, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life. Types: manual operation gate valve, gear drive gate valve, motor drive gate valve, and pneumatic control mode gate valve.

Nominal diameter: DN50~DN1600
Nominal pressure: PN0.25~4MPa
Operated type: Manual, Electric drive