Micro Hydro System

The advantage of our micro hydropower equipment (5KW~100KW) is simple structure, steady performance, easy operation and less maintains. We use the REPMSM (rare earth permanent magnet synchronous machine) and AVR (automatic voltage regulator) for our micro-hydro turbine, and allocate the full automatic comprehensive control cabinet, which ensures the clients more convenient to utilize the hydropower. Furthermore, our product includes full series models, such as Propeller, Kaplan for low head, and Tubular, Francis turbine for middle head, and Turgo, Pelton turbine for high head. Also, we could design new models for special sites like the Barrel turbine, Submersible type turbine, box station and so on.

Micro Turgo turbine:
Micro Turgo turbine has the key feature of simple structure, small size, lightweight, high efficiency, easy install, and reliable perform. It is very suitable for small loads in mountain areas off-grid systems.

Micro Tubular turbine:
The micro Tubular turbine is mainly composed of flume, runner, distributor, tailrace and generator etc. parts. It is appropriate for application in places of low head and large flow rate.

Micro Propeller Turbine:
The micro Propeller turbine consists of PMG and vertical shaft turbine, the turbine will be installed into the volute chamber. It has compact structure, attractive appearance and no need the excitation device.

Submersible turbine:
The submersible turbine is a new model based on Propeller turbine, which is cooperated with EDF in 2004. It has been developed successfully and could be used in Europe mills well.

Barrel turbine:
The Barrel turbine is also developed from micro Propeller turbine, much more easy to install and simple to maintains thought cost is bit higher. Below is the sample unit used in USA market.

Micro-hydro Box station:
The micro-hydro box station is our new design for micro-hydro, is no needs to build an extra power station for our hydro turbine and only connect the pipe with our connector.

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