Keys for Hydropower

  • Hydro turbine generator introduction
    Hydro turbine generator is our company’s main product. The generator has two kinds of constructions: Horizontal type –SFW and vertical type SF. The terminal voltage of the generator can be 400v, 6300v or 10500v. According to customer’s requirements, our company can provide the generators of 50HZ and 60Hz different rated frequencies. The speed ranges usually… Read more: Hydro turbine generator introduction
  • Hydro turbine types introduction
    Francis Turbine Generator Specifications: The diameter of the runner is 0.42m- 5.0m;Suitable water head: H =8m- 140m;Suitable flow: Q =0.20m3/s- 20.0m3/s;Capacity of the generator unit: 50kw -50000kw. Advantages: Francis Type Turbine-Generator is suitable for hydropower station of middle or high water head and medium-sized flow. Because the structure of the Turbine-Generator is simple , and… Read more: Hydro turbine types introduction
  • Hydrodynamic Screw introduction
    Our new model of water power worm (WPW) is an environmental friendly energy production with small hydro power plants. Our am is to realize electrification of rural areas without connection to the public power grid. We provide Turn-key project from basic and detail design, engineering, fabrication, implementation, assembly to commissioning and training. The basic principe… Read more: Hydrodynamic Screw introduction
  • Introduction to small hydropower
    For better review you can also download the PDF document as below: This document tries to explain all of the essential issues you should know about if considering developing a micro hydropower or small hydropower system. Just a quick mention of terminology; micro hydro refers to hydropower systems up to 100 kW power output, and… Read more: Introduction to small hydropower
  • Micro and mini hydro turbine
    Micro & Mini hydro turbine introduction