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SUNTC HYDRO supply scope covers:

1. Hydraulic steel structures such as Penstock, Main inlet valve, Francis turbine, Turgo turbine, Pelton turbine, Kaplan turbine, Tubular turbine, generators, speed governors, auxiliary equipment (including oil, water and air system; guide pads, upper guide pads, lower guide pads, thrust pads, etc.),

2. Primary electrical equipment (power transformers, switchgear and GIS equipment) and secondary equipment (computerized supervisory and control, protection, dam and geotechnical safety monitoring, hydrological telemetry and reservoir dispatch, excitation, CCTV and DC system)

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Francis Turbine

Available for 10-400m water head up to 80MW in capacity and 0.35 to 4.0m in runner diameter

Kaplan Turbine

Ranges from 3-45m in water head up to 30mW in capacity and 0.8 to 6m in runner diameter.

Tubular Turbine

Ranges from 2-25m in water head up to 30MW in capacity, and 0.8 to 5.8m in runner diameter.

Pelton Turbine

Ranges from 80 to 1000m in water head up to 60MW in capacity and 0.4 to 3m in runner diameter

Turgo Turbine

Ranges from up to 400m in water head for low flow up to 2.0m3/s and maximum unit capacity up to 3.2MW

Hydraulic Generator

Capacity from 100kW up to 80MW, the stator outer diameter of generator up to 9000mmm, the terminal voltage can be up to 13.8kV.

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SUNTC HYDRO provides a complete small hydropower business ecosystem with a versatile and robust range of products and services for global clients, including but not limited to site selection, feasibility study, planning & design, consultation, development services, and EPC turkey solutions, best-in-class operations.


Here, we would like to say, “All we have to do is to treat our clients’ projects as if they were our own, and make sure the the site running in maximum efficiency. “

I am glad to say the turbine output could meet our design capacity and even exceed 10% in rainy season, appreciated your professional works and undoubtedly touch you for future projects. 

Chandi from Sri Lanka

Project Owner

It is my great pleasure to purchase complete ElectroMechanical equipment from SUNTC, we are all deeply convinced your professional services and super quality products. Thank you very much for your hospitality durning our two Chinese visits to your factory and manufacturing base.

Kapralov from Kyrgyz

Project Owner

We start cooperation with Jack from a UNIDO turkey project 320kW MHP in Burundi and bought full sets equipment, and then deliver dozens of projects till now. It is our great honor to grow up with SUNTC HYDRO and thanks for your super machinery performance and services. 

Tony from Burundi

Hydropower consultant